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27 ways to Combat Abandoned Carts – A complete Guide

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27 ways to Combat Abandoned Carts – A complete Guide

Abandoned Carts are like a headache or Nightmare for an e-commerce store owner.
Cart Abandonment is common but a crucial problem in online shopping stores and it is always discussed in e-commerce and no one wants to get hurt by it, but it’s an issue like you will have to face it sooner or later.

Everyone is trying to improve their e-commerce store to make it better, after hard work and a lot of effort even if Cart Abandonment increases, of-course it is a painful period, then you start looking for its reasons and their solutions too. Where and What is the mistake of being caused by Cart Abandonment, and how to convert Cart Abandonment in conversions.

If you take a moment to focus on the causes of Cart Abandonment, you can finish it before it takes place in your store. The following article is related to the same as we have covered in steps that help you to Combat Abandoned Carts.

By Implementing these simple steps you cannot only reduce numbers of Abandonment Carts but can eliminate it too.

  1. Target cart abandoners with remarketing/Send an Email Immediately After the Customer Abandons

One of the best ways to combat Abandoned Carts is to re-target the people that have left Abandoned Carts; you just need to re-attract them.

This is a crucial part of eCommerce, which will be foolish to ignore If you do not re-attract the customers who have left Carts Abandoned, then you may pay for it, which may be probably painful for you.

The best artifact to reactivate the customer on your precise store is email marketing. By sending email, you can inform customers what they have left in the cart to be purchased and how much discount they can get if they come back.

For this purpose, you can use An automated abandoned cart solution because it plays an active role in bringing back customers to your store and you can tell them about your promotions concurrently.

  1. Reduce your page load times/Boost Site Speed

Your website’s speed and page loading time should not be less if it is so you will have to end up with this issue immediately because the buyer will never wait for page loads and will prefer to shop there where all the tasks are performing well and in less time.

  1. Be clear about shipping costs upfront

Most of the consumers will leave their carts if they get surprised by an unexpected hidden cost upon checkout, the unexpected shipping cost is one of the top reasons for abandoned carts, Besides, hating to pay for shipping fee.

Even before a customer adds a product in the cart, state the shipping fee upfront. You can add it to the product page so they’ll know how much the exact cost will be.

  1. Offer a money-back guarantee

This is probably the world’s most famous Guarantee, it is now considered a fundamental right rather than a benefit. Customers often like to shop from where they are offering a money back guarantee, there would be no significant damage to you, but will be beneficial.

People will believe that if anything is not according to their perception, they can return it or replace it with another product and they would like to shop again from you.

  1. Offer a guest checkout option

According to the market survey, forcing customers to log in for completing their purchase is a Contribution to Abandoned Cart, you must offer a guest checkout if you offer frictional less process or the easier you make to shop from you will increase your conversion. And yes they will also make an account to get more benefits from you.

  1. Make it super-easy to save your cart

While shopping in the supermarket you may buy something unintentionally, but this does not happen in e-shopping. Online shopping is much straightforward.

However, people expect to get some benefits from online shopping including the ability to return to an ongoing order sometimes repeatedly, so making it effortless to save the cart on your website it will help in increasing conversions.

  1. Improve check-out page CTA’s/ Use Simple and Prominent Calls to Action in the Shopping Cart

Every marketer knows the importance of CTA in the online store, are you using it too? if, then I will recommend improving its visibility.

The consumer wants to know what to do next, now it’s up to you to tell them what to do. You can create it in headline style with a set of instructions for each phase of the checkout process.

  1. Allow multiple payment options

It sounds obvious but there are sites that provide only one payment method, This is one of the reasons that consumers leave carts abandoned. You must allow them to be paid with multiple methods the more payment methods the more conversions.

  1. Improve navigation between shopping cart and shopping pages

Just like a real store consumer rarely decides to purchase efficiently, effortlessly, quickly find and select it, and checkout in a single line way, inefficient, shopping online can be indirect, inefficient, and far from linear. The flawlessly you make it for customers to come over moving their cart and your store, the more chances to convert visitors into buyers.

  1. Include thumbnail product images in your shopping cart

Often consumers forget products that they have added to their cart unless they are in the checkout process. So if you added thumbnails to your product then it will help them to remind their products, this can be another grounding technique.

However, in real stores, you put items in cart and you know what you have added after its physical visibility if this tactic applies to e-commerce then it will be helpful in killing abandoned carts

  1. Add a progress indicator to your checkout pages/Give the Customer Clear Progress Indication

During purchase often customer do not know how farther the final step is if the process is longer than few steps that could be reason for Abandoned Cart. You can eliminate the customer’s hesitation by adding a progress indicator to the checkout page so the customer can keep going frequently with purchasing.

  1. Talk to the Customer During the Process

Make the shopping experience attractive and interactive. Add some recreation you don’t need to be harsh, Yeah, talk to the consumers during shopping like: “we’re almost done,” “we’re almost there, just need little information.” This could be a pleasant and a unique shopping experience, and yes your consumer will feel easier.

  1. Use Scarcity

Of course, you have seen a rush on some shops in the market if they are running a discount or limited time offer.

Why is this rush?

It is a psychiatric trick, In other words, there is a human tendency to want stuff harder to get. Because psychologically some people believe that if something is for limited or short available, it is certain to demand or valuable, this trick can be used for any product advertisement, just give a title “limited time offer”. So, it will be hard to leave the product in the cart for the consumer.

  1. Implement Exit-Intent Popups

In Most of the cases when new visitors are done with reading they left, In such a moment while closing a website with exit-intent popups, you can show them you’re existing running offer, deal, and ask them to have a look.

  1. Minimize the Checkout Process

Usually, online shoppers are fond of one standpoint shopping. It will be bothered if they are forced to go through differ pages to complete their purchases and likely they will leave the process without completing their purchases.

Instead, the purchasing process should consist of just a few steps. The ease of checkout process will bring you the more conversions and sales.

  1. Make the Shopping Cart Readily Accessible

Most of the online customers lose their interest when they are forced to go backtrack to see their added items in the cart.

During online shopping customers takes look to cart many times just to check what they have added and what should take in priority, if this bothers them then it may cause them to end the process, so you just need to make the cart accessibility easy to them, so they don’t have to go back again and the process goes phenomenally easy.

17.  Simplify your forms

Nobody prefers to fill the form. This is so obvious, so making it painless for online shoppers will be a money grabbing trick.

Avoid asking unnecessary or irrelevant information from consumers so they can go with ease to complete their purchasing.

18. Don’t force people to register before they pay

Avoid making emphasis on making an account without completing the purchase, let them buy first.

Finally, ask them with a friendly notification about creating an account and its benefits too.

  1. Reassure People

The online purchase was not considered preserved earlier, and had to do much to gain trust in the customers. It still sometimes happens, so you need to put their minds at rest by illustrating to them how safe the process is.

  1. Display contact details clearly

Impatience in online shopping is a common factor but besides of it, many would like to talk about their problems they are facing or if they have any suggestion.

Make it easy for those people by providing clear contact details on the checkout page, it may consist of Phone no, Email Address, or live chat.

  1. Remove distractions

Okay, you have a customer ‘in the zone,’ card in hand, ready to give their money, but suddenly goes somewhere else or for another product…!

Yeah, it happens in most cases because of distractions on your page, make your page distraction-free, Remove others advertisements if there any the only shiny thing on checkout page must be your product nothing else

  1. Create Massively Engaging and Powerful Product Pages

Have a look at your product page is it enough to engage them an audience? Or is there anything missing. Your page should have a clear and maximum amount of product detail, product images, info-graphics, and banners etc that makes the whole idea clear what it’s all about.

  1. Avoid Surprises of Any Kind

Surprises are the most common contributors to cart abandonment. A customer is pulling out his card from wallet, a little nervous about what will happen next…!

And it does-Boom…an popup for a discount code, any promotional offer, new product or anything that has confusing material. The checkout process goes trash because you surprise them and you lose.

Make your checkout process pop-ups free, deliberate, absolutely free from any type of surprising message or any other factor that could seem like an interruption.

  1. Make the Cart Easy to Edit

Make your cart easy to change. Adding items, deleting Items, changing quantities etc.

And don’t make the mistake of making a cryptic button that can accidentally remove everything in the cart.

  1. Personally Review the Checkout Process At Least Once a Month

At least once in a month, you should give a look at your checkout process to know about the problems that customer are being gone through and to encounter them on time.

This practice will help you to make your store’s check out better and helps in combating Abandoned Carts.

  1. Accept Any Currency

Acceptance of any currency can give a boost to your store. Often the buyer leaves the cart abandoned because of lack of payment methods, you must accept multiple currencies and must have a conversion system. Either someone wants to pay with International currency or local. Thus, you can increase conversions.

27. Make Shipping Times as Quick as Possible

Most people do not like to wait for delivery after buying products and they want to get delivery as soon as possible so you should offer them a preeminent time for delivery.

Long wait can irritate them and may they don’t come again for purchasing therefore, you should take care of delivery time because it makes the impression of your store and shows how much you care for customers.

Hope you have got all the answers to questions related Cart Abandonment from the above article, we  have tried to mention all the reasons in above article which cause to abandoned cart and also write its solutions, this article will not just help you in combating Cart Abandonment but also helps improve your store outlook better so that how you can reach your milestone earlier and can be at the top of e-commerce stores gem.

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