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This page is created by “PIR MARDAN” for Payoneer Verification

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This Page is created for “PAYONEER VERIFICATION”


First Name: Pir
Last name: Mardan

CNIC (national identity car no): 16101-6143039-1

Father Name: Pir Ghazanfar Ali Shah
Date of birth: 07/13/1993

Address on a card: House no 14, piran street Mardan KPK PAkistan.

I am attaching all the details here so you can verify it and I beg you to do no FUCK me more by asking verification for a single thing each time with each transection.

What I am going to attach the followings to ensure that I am a “HUMAN” I do exist and to verify my identity:

This is all i got so far…Now please don’t ask for my nudes to verify my Gender etc.

1- Copy of my National ID Card along with selfie

2- My Currenct pics / Selfie with the currenct date written on a paper.

3 – My video of face recording

4- Video recording of my “Godaddy” account that will clearly shows that I own this Domain (


5- Video proof of my Hosting account that verifies I got complete access to the site

6 – Video Proof of Worpress dashboard that also verifies that this site belongs to me.

7 – Passport Pictures / Videos.


8 – My bank statement to verify myself.

FullStmt_1639992672624_1610161430391_Mardanshah1993 (1)


9 – Video proof of email account that I used for creating my payoneer account.


10 – The invoice that I send to the client